Thank you so much for all you do for our children! They look forward to coming to training every Monday and Wednesday! Nolan gets upset when he misses.  I think it says a lot that the kids work extremely hard and are exhausted at the end of the workout, but they always look forward to going the next time. You have been given a gift to work with kids and motivate them to do their best. We appreciate your positive attitude and enthusiasm! You are awesome!

~Mandy Parker


“Goal Post and Back”

One year ago I observed my 7 year old son struggle in the ability to have fun while being competitive and truly enjoy the sports he was involved with. He lacked focus, agility, speed, determination and most of all mental toughness. When I found out Stephen Horton ran a camp called “Goal Post and Back” I immediately sent my son. I can’t say enough positive words on what his camp has done for my son. Ryley loves going and asks to go weekly if not daily, Ryley’s coaches have commented on his immense progress achieved in such a short time in the areas I’ve written on above. Ryley will be a staple in the years to come attending “Goal Post and Back”

“Look Up, Get Up, and Never Give Up”

Jim Zalusky


 Training with Coach Stephen & his Goal, Post & Back program has been an amazing journey for our 12-year old daughter. In less than a year, Coach Stephen has transformed our soccer player into a well-rounded athlete. Our daughter is now competing & dominating in track events in addition to soccer. As parents, we have been more than pleased with the development of our daughter’s form, mechanics, conditioning, and speed. We owe a great deal of appreciation to Coach Stephen for pushing our daughter and allowing her to see what it truly means to “take it to the next level” and to “finish all the way.”

Coach Stephen has a work ethic of steel. He is hard working and relentless when it comes to pulling out the best potential in each of his students. His energy and motivation excels his participants to stay focused and finish strong. The energy and commitment he posses is like no other.

His training method is highly commendable and the variety of drills he offers are top-level. His approach with participants is nothing but empowering and motivational. Coach Stephen empowers children & adults of all ages to accomplish something they might not have ever thought they could do before stepping out his training grounds. Goal, Post & Back gives a person a sense of belonging, a sense of confidence, a sense of accountability, and a sense of accomplishment.

Our daughter holds her head up with great pride when she promotes one of the Goal, Post & Back’s motto: We are Bear Crawlin, Wind Sprintin, Leap Froggin Animals!
Train like Champions, Play like Champions!!!

All in all, Coach Stephen is a ROCK STAR with a phenomenal program.

Adam & Patti O.


"Lauren and Ethan played sports before going to GP&B.  After training with Stephen for the past year they have become Athletes.  I could not be more proud of them.  Thank you Stephen."



Almost a year ago, our two boys (age 7 and 10 at the time) joined Goal Post and Back with Coach Stephen. We checked it out initially to help increase confidence in our boys when it came to athletic events, while understanding that they would get a good work out. It has been SOOO much more than that. What a gift Coach Stephen has in working with kids/young adults. His positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious, not to mention the amazing work out and improvement in our boys' speed and endurance. We could not be more pleased with the program. Thank you for all your hard work, but most of all thank you for caring so much about our children.

Melissa Wolanin


My thoughts on camp….

1. I applaud you for what you are teaching these young man. Discipline and perseverance are two key ingredients for success in life.

2. I absolutely love your energy level (it definitely puts a smile on my face) and the way you motivate the boys.

3. I also like the fact that you are instilling in them to ‘show up!” If they can get that concept down at this age, pendulum (in life) will swing their way more often than not.

4. I really appreciate you teaching them the notion that we all win or lose as a team – that goes for anything in life whether you are playing a sport or are part of any organization.

I believe that there is no such thing as luck, people create their own luck by working hard and creating opportunities for themselves. If you want to succeed in life, you just have to work hard, there is no way around that….and to me, that is the essence of your camp.  

Annette Colón-Aviles

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